About us

We are a private equity firm that specialises in direct-secondary transactions – acquiring shareholdings in growth stage private and small-cap public technology companies from historical investors and shareholders.

We offer existing shareholders an option for full or partial liquidity whilst giving the company the time and, if required, the additional capital required to maximise the ultimate value and potential for a successful exit.

Established in 2004, Azini Capital is one of Europe’s leading private equity firms specialising in direct secondary transactions.

Typically we seek to build a significant minority shareholding and expect to hold investments for around 3 to 5 years - providing additional funding if required to maximize the growth, performance and ultimate value at exit.

We don’t present ourselves as sector specific experts – that’s management’s job. We come as capable, experienced business builders, who will work closely with co-investors, board and management team to optimize the sales, operational and financial performance of the business. Furthermore, at the appropriate time we will leverage the experience we have accumulated from selling businesses with more than $1.5 billion of enterprise value, to help develop and deliver an exit plan for the business.

Since our formation in 2004 we have completed a series of transactions including the acquisition of portfolios from Apax Partners, J.P.Morgan and CLS Holdings plc, as well as numerous shareholdings in individual companies in the UK, Continental Europe, North America and Israel.

We value quality assets with good future prospects; check out our investment criteria here.